What can we do with your brakes?

About your brakes

The braking system on a vehicle must be kept in a good working condition this is done by maintaining the correct brake pad material and observing the thickness and condition of the braking surface on the brake disc.

We believe the braking efficiency is 2nd to nothing and only fit top quality braking materials (brake pads) and parts, cost cutting fitting cheaper inferior parts does not pay off as these materials do not have a very long life span compared to good quality braking material (brake pads).

When brakes become worn grinding and screeching noises can be heard as well as brake fade which means there is insufficient brake materials to stop or slow the vehicle and so the brakes over heat.

Once brakes reach the point of their end of life the braking ability of the vehicle is servilely affected this can be noticed by the vehicle pulling to the side when breaking and the vehicle shaking when the brakes are applied.

We offer free brake inspections offering the best advice and parts that are of a original manufacturer's specification at a more economical price At The Garage our workshop has the equipment to test and change the brake fluid as well as adjusting all braking systems.

All the newer electronic handbrakes that work of a button instead of the conventional handbrake lever can be serviced and adjusted by us.

ABS code reading and fault finding

At The Garage we have the equipment to service and repair ABS (automated braking system) and facilities to test each individual sensors if faults are found or reported.

Performance braking systems

We can offer brake upgrades such as drilled and vented brake discs. Race specification brake fluid that has a higher boiling point the standard fluid in most road vehicles aiding better brake performance.