We use top of the range diagnostic tools

The Garage uses up to date software comprising of detailed code reading and coding to provide the best diagnostics available and is constantly updating our software for a more cost effective repair.

Our equipment allows us to record live data of the vehicle in operation and log the faults if there are any then analyse back at the workshop in depth.

Data stored and collected can be displayed in a text format and in a digital graph format. We have all specific plugs and connections to read the vehicle systems.

Component testing of individual sensors and wiring using a oscilloscope and digital meter combo displaying digital sensor output’s in graph forms. On board ecu fault code reading and live data storing before and after road tests to gain the best insight to the problems or the illumination of the Mil lamp.

Three steps to fault diagnostics

  • 1: Codee read from vehicle on board ecu (electronic control unit) record and stores these codes
  • 2: live data on a road test, recording all vehicle sensor data on our equipment to see if the faults stored in stage one reappear
  • 3: diagnose and interpretation of data collected to effectively repair the vehicle