What can we do with your exhausts?

The exhaust system on a vehicle plays a critical part in the correct running of the engine. A air leak in the upper part of the exhaust system or exhaust manifold can cause and explain many engine running problems and miles per gallon.

The catalytic converter cleans harmful gases in the exhaust system and helps to protect the environment as well as reducing green house gases.

The catalytic converter on the exhaust also plays an important role on the vehicle being able to pass the MOT test; The converter must be able to filter the gases to a set percentage to pass the exhaust gas test which is part of the MOT test.

At the Garage we can advise on exhaust systems as to the replacement and repair where possible a welding service is available to aid of extend life of a exhaust component.

We can fit stainless steel exhausts and performance exhaust systems to aid performance and give a more sporty sound.